Published on September 23, 2021 Updated on January 11, 2022
from 17
to 30 January 2022

Are you an international student who has just arrived in Lyon and would like to meet French students? You are a local student and you would like to meet other students, French or international, to discover other cultures and exchange experiences? Do you simply want to make new friends in a cross-cultural atmosphere?

Join Opération Binôme, our University Buddy System!

This initiative consists in linking international students with local students so that they can exchange and help each other. The pairs formed will be invited to participate in events during the semester in order to share their experiences in an intercultural atmosphere.

The goals of Opération Binôme:
  • Mutual support through the sharing of linguistic and cultural skills
  • Franco-international cooperation
  • Integration of international students
  • Raising awareness of international exchanges among students
If you wish to participate in this activity, it involves
  • being open to meeting people of different nationalities, cultures, ages and backgrounds
  • investing time and energy in getting to know a new person
  • actively participating in the activities proposed by the Alter Ego team;
  • maintaining contact with your partner throughout the semester.
Are you interested?
Sign up by filling out this form (coming soon)

 Registration is open from 17 to 30 january 2022. An email will be sent to you after February 10th to give you the contact details of your partner.

Please note that if your main aim is a language exchange, we cannot guarantee that your partner will speak the language you wish to practice, as this will depend on the number of participants and the languages spoken by them.
If you have already joined Opération Binôme in semester 1 and wish to continue the experience with the same binôme/trinôme, it is not necessary to fill out the form (we are going to contact you in order to include you and your binôme/trinôme in the activities planned next).
On the other hand, if you want to participate again and have a new binôme/trinôme in semester 2, please register.
For any questions or information please send an email to

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