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For any question regarding outgoing mobility (Lyon 2 students going to a host institution abroad), you can come to the DRI (BDR campus) on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm without an appointment.

contacts of the DRI staff
Vice President Director Executive assistant
04 78 69 71 82 - office BEL228 - BDR campus
International Student Office (BEI)

Laura DUBOIS, Office manager
Office BEL.443 - BDR campus

Joana AMARO, Intern in charge of communication - Ofiice MDE107 - PDA campus

Reception and support
for non-exchange students
Reception and support
for exchange students
Alter Ego program - Social and cultural integration  International Mentoring Centre
Mamadou TOURE, reception and support referent for international students
04 78 77 31 75
office MDE107 - PDA campus

Elisa CININI, incoming direct enrollment student coordinator 
04 78 77 30 02
office MDE107 - PDA  campus

Amina BERTRAND, digital services referent
06 10 96 24 03
office BEL.228 - BDR campus
Marjorie DE SAINT JEAN, incoming exchange student coordinator (Erasmus+ Program)
04 78 69 74 18 - office BEL.224
BDR campus

Mathilde LAGARDE, Incoming exchange student (study abroad) coordinator
(Africa - Americas - Asia - Oceania - Switzerland - United Kingdom) 
04 78 69 70 42 - office BEL.224
BDR campus
Livia ZOTOVICI MARTINS, cultural and social integration programme coordinator - responsible for student housing 
04 78 69 71 82
office BEL.443 - BDR campus

Cecilia Borges Pereira, cultural and social integration programme coordinator - OFAJ volunteer
04 78 77 31 75
office MDE107 - PDA campus
Laurie SANIEL, International Mentoring Centre coordinator
04 78 77 24 88
office MDE107 - PDA campus
Partnerships and Outgoing Mobility Office

Dorothée ORJOL-SOUSA, Office manager
04 78 69 73 18 - office BEL230 - BDR campus

Outgoing mobility Mobility scholarships Specific mobility Cooperation agreements
Delphine DEJEANS, outgoing exchange student coordinator
(Europe and Erasmus+ Program)
04 78 69 73 36 
office BEL.223 - BDR campus

Marie ARNAUD, Erasmus+ and UK mobility coordinator
04 78 69 70 69 - office BEL.223 - BDR campus

Hélène LECOCQ, outgoing exchange student coordinator
(Africa - Americas - Asia - Oceania)
04 78 69 72 32
office BEL.223 - BDR campus
Valérie RAISON, mobility grants coordinator
04 78 69 76 03
office BEL.222 - BDR campus
Anouk DERAZE, Staff, Erasmus+ internships and CFA students outgoing mobility coordinator
04 78 69 71 68 - office BEL.222 - BDR campus
Flora PULCE, international agreements (Erasmus+) coordinator
04 78 69 72 22
office BEL.228 - BDR campus

Yi Hsun HSIEH, international agreements (outside Europe) coordinator
04 78 69 71 10
office BEL.228 - BDR campus

International Trainings Office (SFI)

Office manager : Flore CARCIOFO

Anaëlle FORAT, International Trainings Intern - Office BEL.227 - BDR campus

Hala MOHAMED, Communication intern - Office BEL.226 - BDR campus

International MINERVE Program (PIM) Blended Intensive Programs (BIP) Double Degrees (DPI)

➢Administrative contacts (for your questions
about university administration issues of students,
lecturers or guest professors)

➢Pedagogical contacts
(Teachers in charge, lecturers and teaching assistants)

Director : Monica MARTINAT
Chiara Martignago
Office BEL.227 - BDR campus
04 78 69 70 68
06 03 82 56 99
Office BEL.227 - BDR campus
04 78 69 72 66
International Project Management Office

Emmanuelle  GROSJEAN, Office manager
04 78 69 72 75 - Office BEL.443 - BDR campus

Guidance International projects coordinators
Pascaline JACQUET, finance and budget coordinator
04 78 69 72 19
office BEL.442 - BDR campus

Florian LEBEAU, digital transformation coordinator
04 78 69 71 33
office BEL.443 - BDR campus 

Petra JULLIEN, international projects coordinator
04 78 69 71 89
bureau BEL.442 - BDR campus

Clotilde PESCHET, Ontario-Rhône-Alpes Programme (ORA) Coordinator
04 78 69 70 52 - office 442 - BDR campus 
Opening hours:
DRI / Welcome Desk - International Student Office (BEI)
Open Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 9am to 12pm, and from 2pm to 5pm.
To make an appointment at the International Student Office, you must go through:
On the Porte des Alpes campus
Maison de l'étudiant.e (MDE)
avenue Pierre Mendès-France
69500 Bron - Tram T2 access
On the Berges du Rhône campus
Bélénos Building 2nd floor
Office BEL.224
DRI / International Trainings Office (SFI)
Open Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 9am to 12pm, and from 2pm to 4:30pm.
Bélénos Bulding 2nd floor.
Berges du Rhône Campus
Blended Intensive Programs (BIP)
International Partnership Degrees (DPI)

DRI / Partnerships and Outgoing Mobility Office
Bélénos Building 2nd floor

Welcoming students on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 4:30pm, without appointment.

Welcoming teachers and administrative staff by appointment.

Berges du Rhône Campus
DRI / Guidance and Project Management Office

Bélénos Building 4th floor

Open every day. 
Welcoming teachers and administrative staff by appointment.

Berges du Rhône Campus

Missions of the DRI

The Office is responsible for coordinating the international activities of the 4 services, the administrative and financial management, and the promotion and communication of the office. It also supports the vice-president in performing his functions.
Since the vote of the new statutes of the University during the Board of Directors of April 27, 2017, the General Service of International Relations has become the International Relations Office. The Office still has an International Relations Committee (CORI).
This office ensures, within the framework of the guidelines defined by the Board of Directors, the international opening assigned to the university, as defined by the Education Code.
It provides the decision-making bodies with the analytical elements necessary to set the institution's international strategy.
It implements and coordinates the institution's international policy actions.

Thus, its role is to:

coopération Coordinate and promote international student and staff mobility


financement Develop international cooperation agreements and projects

expertise Promote our academic and research programs at an international level

representation Host international delegations

formation Support and develop the internationalisation at home – from the academic curriculum to the interactions between home and international students and faculty.
Role of the DRI services

To achieve its objectives, the management is structured around 4 distinct Offices:

International Student Office (BEI)

The International Student Office was created to be as close as possible to the concerns of international students at the University Lumière Lyon 2. It is the place where they can open up in confidence to the Office staff and ask about any question regarding their administrative, academic and integration concerns. These staff members are qualified to offer them support in their various endeavors, in collaboration with partners from Lyon 2 and the Lyon metropolitan area.
The BEI offers the welcoming program Alter Ego in order to help international students integrate into society. Additionally, Alter Ego launches a mutual aid program called “Operation Binôme” every semester, putting French students in contact with international students.
The BEI equally consists of the International Mentoring Center (CMI) which aims to improve the French language and academic methodology of international students. The Center offers thematic workshops online and on-site as well as individual tutorials led by CMI tutors.
This office also welcomes international students coming to our university for a semester or a year as part of an exchange program. The students are welcomed and supported administratively and pedagogically by the mobility members of staff who will ensure their success. The BEI also sets up courses specially created for international exchange students (specific courses) in order to facilitate their integration within our university.

Partnerships and Outgoing Mobility Office

Partnerships and Outgoing Mobility Office is the administrative contact for outgoing mobility projects, whether for students or university staff, to destinations in Europe or beyond, within the framework of various programs. It accompanies users from the beginning of their project to its implementation: before, during and after. It supervises the various application processes for mobility, ensures a daily monitoring of the mobility and actively participates in the promotion and enhancement of international mobility.
This Office also manages the various mechanisms for granting financial aid for all types of mobility (studies, internships, teaching, training, prospecting).
In order to implement framed mobility (outgoing but also incoming), this department is in charge of the instruction and management of international cooperation agreements, whether they are mobility agreements or international partnership diplomas (an action that requires more advanced support in the setting up of agreements), ensuring that the legal, administrative and financial framework is respected.
The staff of this Office work in close collaboration with the international actors of the institution (teachers in charge, agreement holders, school departments, DRED, COSIE) as well as with the international partners (Agreements and Incoming service) and the financing organizations (Region, Ministry, Erasmus+ Agency).

International Trainings Office (SFI)
The content is being drafted. 
Steering and Project Management Office

The main mission of this office is to seek funding to support and develop the international projects of research professors while ensuring that the legal, administrative and financial framework of our public institution is respected.
They monitor calls for projects and disseminate funding opportunities in a targeted manner. They assist the teacher-researchers in setting up their projects and, in particular, in drawing up the provisional budgets. Once the project has been accepted, this service also carries out the administrative and financial management of the project in order to relieve the component. The department's staff ensures that the grant is used efficiently, while respecting the deadlines imposed by the donors. They support the project leaders in the drafting of intermediate and final reports.
The main funding bodies to which we submit projects are: the European Commission (Erasmus+), the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Franco-German University, the Franco-Italian University, the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and the City of Lyon.
Thanks to the work of the Finance Coordinator and the referent of the mobility software, this department contributes to the management of the institution's international activities.