Last updated on 11 juin 2020
After obtaining a Master’s degree or equivalent, students with an aptitude for research can enrol in a PhD programme at Lumière Lyon 2.

PhD students enrol in one of the 7 affiliated Doctoral schools, which are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Each doctoral school provides a scientific framework and is dedicated to supervising and teaching PhD students, who conduct their research work under the responsibility of their thesis director.

A PhD programme is generally completed over a period of three years or more, after which PhD students are awarded the title of “Doctor”. Doctoral degrees at Lumière Lyon 2 are awarded by the University of Lyon (UdL).

Doctoral schools

ED 483 ScSo (History, Geography, Planning, Urbanism, Archaeology, Architecture, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Ergonomics)

Running institution: Lyon 2
Head of the Doctoral School: Christian Montès
Disciplines and contacts:
Sociology, Anthropology, Architecture, Ergonomics, Demography: + (33) 4 78 69 70 44
Research and Doctoral Schools Department website
Languages, History and Antique World civilisations: - + (33) 4 72 71 58 29
Political science: - + (33) 4 37 28 38 16
History, Geography, Town planning and Urbanism: - + (33) 4 78 69 77 79

ED 484 3LA (Humanities, Languages, Linguistics and the Arts)

Running institution: Lyon 2
Head of the Doctoral School: Olivier Ferret
Disciplines: Arts, Cultural Studies, French Language and Literature, African, Arab, Chinese, Japanese and Hebrew languages and literatures, Ancient languages and literatures, English and Anglo-Saxon languages and literatures, German and Scandinavian languages and literatures, Roman languages and literatures: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and other languages, Slavs language and literatures, Humanities, Comparative Literatures, Language Sciences.
Contact: - 04 78 69 70 44

ED 485 EPIC (Education, information and communication sciences psychology)

Running institution: Lyon 2
Head of the Doctoral School: Nikos Kalampalikis
Deputy Head of the Doctoral School: Isabelle Garcin-Marrou
Disciplines: Philosophy, Psychology, Learning Sciences, Information and Communication Sciences, Language Sciences, Sports Sciences
Contact: - 04 78 69 74 51

ED 486 SEG (Economic and Management Sciences)

Running institution: Lyon 3
Head of the Doctoral School: Isabelle Royer
Disciplines: Economy, Development Economics, Public Finance, Macroeconomics, Management, Human Resources
Contact at Lyon 2: - 04 78 69 77 79

ED 492 Law

Running institution: Lyon 3
Head of the Doctoral School: David Deroussin
Responsible for Lyon 2: Anne-Emmanuelle Kahn
Disciplines: International & European Law, Private Law and Criminal Sciences, Public law, History of Law and Institutions, International Relations
Contact at Lyon 2: - 04 78 69 77 79

ED 476 NSCo (Neurosciences and Cognition)

Running institution: Lyon 1
Head of the Doctoral School: Anne Didier
Responsible for Lyon 2: François Pellegrino
Disciplines: Molecular biology, Cultural Studies, Physiology, Psychology, Clinical Science, Language Sciences
Contact: - 04 78 69 74 51

ED 512 INFOMATHS (Computer Science and Mathematics)

Running institution: Lyon 1
Head of the Doctoral School: Luca Zamboni
Responsible for Lyon 2: Jérôme Darmont
Disciplines: Economy, Process Engineering, Management, Applied mathematics, Nanotechnology, Signal Processing, Transportation, Computer Science : Complex systems, artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems
Contact at Lyon 2: - 04 78 69 74 51

Enrolling in a PhD program

Students wishing to enroll in a PhD program at the Université Lumière Lyon 2 must contact the Research and Doctoral Schools Department. Find all the contacts here.

Before applying, you must :

  • Hold a Master’s degree or equivalent
  • Have identified a research laboratory or doctoral schools and a thesis supervisor, who will help you identify a research topic and will supervise your work during at least three years

Enrollment in a PhD program must be carried out in two stages:

1. Pedagogical enrollment

Pedagogical enrollment is carried out online via SIGED (The Doctoral School’s and Management System); This system allows the validation of the PhD student’s enrollment by the thesis supervisor, the Head of the Research Laboratory and the Doctoral School.

This procedure is without papers and we advise you to upload all the listed supporting documents. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

2. Administrative enrollment

Once the pedagogical enrollment has been confirmed (the status of your application on SIGED should say "6/6"), you may then print your application form (fr. Formulaire d’inscription), which must have been validated by all parties. You will then be given an enrollment authorization that will allow you to carry out the administrative enrollment online by December 15, 2019.

You must pay the required fees and send the supporting documents.

You will be able to see the status of you application online.

Please download the explanatory document here (in French).