Last updated on 02 mai 2023

Some of the sports you can practice at Lumière Lyon 2:
  • Athleticism and endurance (Track and Field, Weight Lifting, etc.)
  • Martial arts, combat, and self-defense (Aikido, Boxing, Capoeira, etc.)
  • Ball games (Basketball, Football, Rugby, etc.)
  • Racket sports (Badminton, etc.)
  • Dance (African, Classic, Hip-Hop, Salsa et.)
  • Horse-back riding
  • Fencing
  • Flexibility and well-being (Circus Arts, Gymnastics, Yoga)
  • Precision (Archery, Circus Acts, Climbing)
  • Water-related sports (Diving, Swimming, Water Polo)
A full list of these activities offered is published each semester and available for download from our website (in French)... 
And all year long...

The SUAPS offers: 

  • training courses (mountain, dance/wellness...)
  • outings (climbing, hiking, skiing...)
  • training programs (PSC1, BSB/BNSSA...)
  • sports nights (badminton, basketball, dance, climbing, handball, tennis, volleyball...)
The University Sports
& Physical Education Service

The University Sports & Physical Education Service (fr. Service Universitaire des Activités Physiques et Sportives or SUAPS) offers:

  • activities which can be taken either for a grade (as a bonus point) or for no credit
  • graded sport which gives right to 3 ECTS for international students
  • exclusively not graded activities
  • activities open to autonomous practice
  • competitive sports (training sessions and university competitions)
  • the possibility of arranged scheduling for high-level athletes. It is imperative that high-level student-athletes make themselves known to the SUAPS office.
Sporting facilities

The SUAPS is present on both campuses:

  • 2 (two) 2000m² sports halls (PDA Campus)
  • 2 dance studios (Campus PDA and BDR)
  • 1 climbing room (Campus PDA)
  • 2 gyms (BDR Campus)
  • 3 outdoor + 2 indoor tennis courts (Campus PDA)
  • 1 archery range (Campus PDA)
  • 2 weight rooms (Campus PDA and BDR)





Depending on the activity and corresponding schedule, sessions may be held on our premises or in other locations in and around Lyon (BRON, CHASSIEU, MIRIBEL, SAINT-PRIEST, VENISSIEUX, VILLEURBANNE etc...).

See the semester schedule for more information.