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from 15
to 19 March 2022
Berges du Rhône campus

One week of projects and reflections ahead

From Monday 14 to Sunday 20 March, students from Lyon, Belgrade and Weimar involved in the SHAKIN' project will meet in Lyon to present the fruit of their cooperation projects to the other students and partners, as well as, for some, to other audiences in Lyon.
These projects, initiated in October 2021 and articulated around the notion of subaltern knowledge, address diverse issues and take equally diverse forms.


Discover the projects :

Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread is a student project on collecting memories and stories about/around/related to BREAD. It’s a project between seven Master students of the University Lumière Lyon2 in France and the University of Arts in Serbia organized with the aim to gather different bread stories from different people across the borders and showcase the diversity, provide an opportunity for everyone to speak up and share their memorable and personal stories involving bread, which could carry good or bad memories and raise different issues. Bread stories are collected via Google Form (ENG, FR, RUS, GER) and via audio/video interviews, which will be exhibited during the Winter School in March together with “Bread Table” that will invite people to taste, smell and create a discussion and dialogue between participants. Stories later will be published on our social media and web site.

Exhibition campus BDR from March 15 to 18, 11am to 6pm
Exchange and "Bread table" on Wednesday March 16, 12 to 2pm in front of the cafeteria

Dunja Karanovic, Shabnam Nikkhoo, Jovan Mladenović, Cécile Valley, Huang Guanjie, Gauhar Mukaman

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During the shakin project, we decided to explore the duality that exists within the artistic process, in between the choices made by convictions and the ones made by obligation through two concepts : persona and creative prostitution. For this purpose, we want to implement a creative prostitution confessional in order to gather data around the theme. Therefore, the Winter School will allow us to propose an alternative version of the confessional of the creative prostitution established beforehand.
In order to keep the confessional personal and private, we imagine inviting volunteer students who wish to answer 3 questions related to our theme and especially regarding the collective experience shared by all 3 universities: the Shakin project. We will invite volunteers at the beginning of the week in a flat set up for the occasion. At the end of the week we will present a sample of the project : a 15 minute montage of the answers we will have gathered, exploring the duality existing in a professional frame.

Adeline Auffret, Robin Lamothe, Luiza Sekiraqa, Kristina Jankovic, Peter Boys, Nans Chaneac

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The topic is centered around the issues of marginalization of artists or art, the lack of artistic opportunities, underfinancing, etc. The project aims to expose the life of artists from a different angle focusing on their daily struggles in pursuit of art. It will be launched with the production of 2 short documentary episodes and, later on, enlarged by compiling more episodes submitted by an attracted audience. Each episode is going to develop one specific subject and highlight one issue. One episode will be filmed in Serbia and one in France. This way, the project becomes more inclusive and flexible, given each episode is centered around a certain topic that allows it to attract more diverse groups of interested individuals.

Sari Castro Martinez, Kévin Chesnais, Paprika Lubert, Sasa Pejcinovic, Justine Vinais, Ying Zhang

Feminism and public spaces

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Our project wants to tackle the concept of public spaces and try to involve new definitions of feminism. Our objective is to understand how FLINTA (female, lesbian, inter-, non-binary, trans-, a-gender), as subaltern bodies, can reinvest public spaces in order to create a safe place and fully shared common spaces.
How could a non-sexist city look like? How would it sound like? An urban audio walk – that will be held for the first time during the Winter School in Lyon – tries to find possible answers to these questions in presenting collected stories from diverse individuals that form a greater collective narrative about possible transformations of to-come feminized public spaces.

Cécile Capelle, Claudia Bochaca, Maud Celestin, Laura Gillard, Samuel Doering, Luca Kunze

Stupid Togetherness

The group Stupid Togetherness seeks to question existing spatial mechanisms and explore the possibilities for collaborative engagement within the urban spaces. Inspired by theories and artistic approaches such as embodiment, urban studies, affect, and urban hacking, the approach of stupid togetherness was developed. During the Winter School, the group invites participants to a workshop exploring an embodied experience of space, where spatial power hierarchies are subverted in unexpected ways. The experiences will be collected in the end and worked into a manifesto.

Agca Saglam, Silja Tellervo, Galyna Sukhomud, Lilo Noeske, Pascaline Robinot, Marion Renard

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Call on me

Our project considers rethinking cultural heritage and collective memory in the case of people affected by involuntary migration. We examine these topics through the use of one everyday object - mobile phone. In order to explore this subject, we would like to collect video testimonials, again through the lens of a mobile phone.
The project intends to create innovative ways of collecting and sharing heritage stories. We aim to include our “target” group from the beginning of the process in order to create a community where everybody would feel free to participate and by avoiding a paternalistic approach.

Alice Pelloquin, Myriam Chaieb, Ana Milosavljevic, Ivan Brankovic, Jelena Petkovic, Marguerite Eloy
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FLINTA communities and music project

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It is a student research project that addresses the issue of visibility and access to the people/artists who are part of this community and the music they produce. To get into the FLINTA* sphere we have contacted artists in different parts of the world, we have complemented the information obtained with our personal research and we have decided that the best way to share this content and other ideas will be an interactive magazine called: Pink Noise: FLINTA* communities and music.
*Female Lesbian Intersex Non-binary Transexual Agender

Carolina Zarate, Viviane Morais, Stefanie Dzjubak

7 Senses

Deconstructing the process of learning and interacting through non-verbal activities and games, 7 SENSES aims at helping professionals rize above the challenges that come hand in hand with working in intercultural contexts - such as distance and cultural barriers.
During the week in Lyon, on the one side we will facilitate short and regular non-verbal activities serving the intercultural dynamic, on the other side we will bring you a wider artistic experience. Get ready to play and connect !

Sarah Fakhri, Clara Chavassieux, Carolina Garcia, Isidora Zarkovicc et Anais Pinnell

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