Last updated on 19 juil. 2020
Published on April 1, 2020 Updated on July 19, 2020
It takes an average monthly budget of about €850 to live properly in Lyon.

To allow you to compare the cost of living in France with that of your country, here are a few examples of prices to give you an indication:

Civil liability insurance
(compulsory insurance)
Social Security (health insurance) being a student in France entitles you to refunds on most (around 70%) of your health expenses
Complementary health insurance (optional) around €50/month
Rent €400-600/month
Renters insurance (compulsory insurance) €30-70/year
Electricity, gas, water €30/month
Public transportation subscription under 28 years old: €32.50/month;
28+ years old: €65/month.
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Meals at the university restaurant starting at €3.25
Dinner in a restaurant starting at €15
Groceries about €200/month
Culture/Hobbies around €200/month
Telephone/Internet €20-40/month*
*Remember to unlock your mobile phone before arriving in France so you can take advantage of better prices.
Planning your budget depends a lot on the accommodation you will have and on your lifestyle. Be aware that the student card allows you to get many discounts for transportation and shows.

Open a bank account

It is recommended that you open a bank account in Lyon; this will make it easier for you to apply for housing assistance (CAF), for the residence permit, the paying bills, etc...
We suggest you start by checking with your bank in your home country if they have any partnerships with a bank in France.