Last updated on 02 avr. 2020
Published on April 2, 2020 Updated on April 2, 2020

As a foreign student, you can get a job in France to help you get an extra income. Every foreign student has the right to work but there are some rules you must know: 

If you are not a citizen of the European Union

You must hold a student Residency Permit or a long-stay student visa (that is equivalent to a Residency Permit) that entitles the holder to any kind of remunerated activity. However, the professional activity must be carried out within the limit of an annual working time of 964 hours for all students of non-European nationality (except Algerians).
The renewal of your Residency Permit depends on your involvement in your studies; absences or insufficient results that are due to employment may encourage the prefecture to refuse the renewal of your Residency Permit

If you are of Algerian nationality

Once you have your Residency Permit and as soon as you find a job, you must obtain a provisional work permit (APT) from the DIRECCTE (The Regional Directorates for Companies, Competition, Consumer Affairs, Labor and Employment)
You will be limited to 850 hours of work per year.
Please note! The Prefecture can withdraw the right of residence from non-European students who do not respect the authorised limit.

If you are a European national

There are no restrictions.

In any case, your course hours must take priority over your working hours.

Exchange students cannot be exempted from attending classes in order to go to work.

To find out more about working in France, visit the Campus France website.