Last updated on 15 nov. 2023
The following sections addresses the frequently asked questions regarding the allocation of CROUS accommodation by the International Relations Department (DRI) to international students who come as part of an exchange program. Please read this FAQ carefully to try to find the answer to your question; if you cannot find it, no need to panic! Your advisor Livia ZOTOVICI MARTINS will answer your questions at the following address :

Housing proposal

I have received a CROUS housing proposal, how do I send the housing acceptance to the DRI ?

You must sign the document and complete the reservation survey (link in the accommodation proposal). After the validation of your reservation, our team will send you the accommodation certificate (within 5 to 10 days). This document will allow you to apply for your visa and the Visale insurance (insurance of your rent in France).

Please read this document carefully as it has the value of a contract which you are signing with Université Lumière Lyon 2. This contract defines the procedures you have to follow when entering and leaving your home. These procedures are specific to students « in agreement » with a university (students who go directly through the CROUS have to follow other procedures and the applicable rules are not always the same).

I would like to receive more information about my accommodation (amenities, bed size, pictures, etc).

You can get more information about each residence directly on the CROUS website :

For your information, bed linen (sheets, blankets and pillows) can be rented for approximately 10€ per month by booking them directly with the residence.

I have been offered housing but it does not meet my needs ; can I request a different CROUS accommodation ?

No. Unfortunaly, we have few housing options with the CROUS to offer students and they are all assigned at the beginning of the semester, so it is not possible to make changes. But if you really don’t like it, you can refuse the offer and look for private housing.

I have received an accommodation proposal starting from January 01st 2024 (or February 01st 2024), what should I do if I arrive before this date?

Unfortunately the CROUS accommodations won’t be available before the date indicated in the accommodation proposal; you must arrange another accommodation before getting in your CROUS residence.

I received a housing proposal, but I did not respond to the message within the allotted time.

Many students are looking for CROUS housing ; for this reason, in the absence of a positive response from you within the allotted time, the offer will no longer be valid and the housing will be offered to another student.

I have received a housing proposal, but I cannot get in touch with my contact at the International Relations Office

The university will be closed from December 23rd 2023 to January 7th 2024; during this time there is no one on-call to answer your questions. However, if you have any questions regarding housing, you can try to reach the residence hall directly via this link :

All the contacts of the Crous residences here. 

The VISALE insurance

My DRI advisor asked me to apply for the Visale insurance. What is it?

The Visale insurance is a free of charge service offered to students aged between 18 and 30. It is an organization that assumes the responsibility for covering any unpaid rent or damage to property. The CROUS requires this insurance.

How do I get my Visale insurance ?

You will find the steps to take in the following document :

Regarding your enrollment at the university, the admission letter you received from our mobility service will be enough to obtain the VISALE insurance.

For any questions regarding Visale, please contact them directly at or consult their website

I am over 30 years old and I cannot get the VISALE insurance. What should I do ?

You must have a guarantor to rent an CROUS accommodation. If you are not eligible for visale, please contact your adviser at the international relations office.

I am under 30 years old and I have someone who can vouch for me; should I still apply for the VISALE insurance ?

Yes, the only insurance accepted by the CROUS for students aged 30 or younger is VISALE.

Home insurance

The CROUS requires that you take out rental insurance or home insurance. What is it ? Is it the same as the VISALE insurance ?

In order to obtain your accommodation, you will need to take out a rental insurance policy covering rental risks and civil liability, at the agency of your choice (bank, insurance company – you can search on the internet for « assurance habitation étudiant »).

This insurance covers incidents such as fire, water damage, civil liability, etc. It is not the same as VISALE, so you must have Visale insurance AND rental insurance. You will have to hand in the insurance certificate at your residence’s welcome desk on the day of your arrival.

On arrival in the accommodation

How do I get the keys to my appartment ?

Once you receive your housing certificate, your interlocutor at the DRI will give you the steps to take at the CROUS in order to book an appointment for your arrival.

What costs should I expect when I move into CROUS housing ?

When you move in, you will have to pay (directly to the CROUS, by credit card or cash) :

  • The reservation fee of about 100€ (room) or 150€ (studio). This amount is non-refundable and will be invoiced per semester,
  • The first month’s rent,
  • The deposit (amount between 150 and 250€ depending on the type of accommodation, which will be returned to you when you leave if the accommodation has not been damaged).

Applying for housing aid (CAF)

What is the APL from the CAF ? Is CROUS housing eligible ?

The APL (Personalized Housing Aid) is a subsidy paid by the CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales) to help you pay your rent. CROUS housing is eligible for this aid ; we advise you to apply for it as soon as you arrive, as it can take several weeks to process.

But be careful! In order to receive the APL, you must occupy the accommodation for at least 8 months a year. Moreover, non-European students are only entitled to the CAF if they have a residence permit.

You can find more information on their web page, under the heading « Droits et prestations » :